Rental Car Company Recovers Additional $10 Million

  • Initial Settlement Offer: $625,851
  • Spectrum Recovered: $11 million
  • Client Time Invested: 5 hours

How We Did It

Fought for client’s rights by challenging the Claim Administrator, Lead Counsel, and Special Master, hiring counsel at our expense and going to court

One of the largest rental car companies in the US, with over 5,500 locations, received a settlement offer of $625,851 from the Claims Administrator and hired us to ensure they were getting the full recovery they were owed. Upon developing their full data set, we discovered they were owed significantly more.

We submitted a challenge to the Claims Administrator which, after many months of negotiations, resulted in an award to our client of $4 million. Believing our client was still entitled to more, we retained outside counsel at our expense, appealed that award to Lead Counsel, then subsequently appealed to the Special Master. We also petitioned the court to pay our client the undisputed $4 million immediately. The court ordered the Claims Administrator to pay the $4 million immediately and, in the end, our client recovered over $11 million.

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