Fortune 1000 Company Doubles Recovery

  • Competitor-Filed Claim: $540,000
  • Spectrum Recovery: Doubled original claim, to over $1 million

How We Did It:

Challenged Claims Administrator with new data we developed after a thorough review of client’s situation

A Fortune 1000 retail company with over 3,000 store locations was acquired while we were developing a claim for them. The new parent company had already filed a claim in the same settlement, using a claim filing company. In the process of continuing to develop our client’s claim, we requested data from the new parent company to ensure there was no overlap in claim values. Upon analyzing their data, we discovered the parent company was due substantially more money than the claim filing company had submitted in their claim.

When the claim filing company was confronted with the facts, their reply was that they were “confident that no other company could get them any more money than what they’ve already submitted in their claim.” We offered to take on the additional work of submitting a challenge to the claim already filed. Spectrum’s efforts doubled the recovery to over $1 million.

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