What We Do

Your company should receive every dollar it deserves from every settlement. But like most large companies you probably leave money on the table because you don’t have in-house resources who specialize in the research, analysis and advocacy required to get your full share.

The Spectrum solution

We aggressively drive all aspects of the recovery process for you, and will go to court if necessary to make sure you get the best terms and the full amount you deserve.

Get an advocate for your bottom line

We are the only firm that goes to court – at our expense – to make sure you get the best terms and the full amount you deserve. We are a strong and successful advocate for changes to claim terms that benefit our clients.

Many of the term modifications we won were never made public, so only Spectrum clients benefitted from them. For example, a change in license eligibility in one large commercial class action was used by Spectrum clients only, and it gave them tens of millions of dollars in additional payouts.

Read more about our advocacy to learn the modified terms we’ve won and how they’ve benefitted our clients.

Let an expert do all the heavy lifting for you

We plan and execute the entire recovery process, from creating your data set to negotiating a better recovery to fighting for your payout.

There is never a need for your staff to spend more than a few hours pulling in-house reports. We don’t need original invoices to file your claim. We source data directly from your business partners, and fill in any gaps with sophisticated mathematical models.

Then, we run your full data set through our financial model in “what if” scenarios to come up with the approach that serves you best. We ensure that all alternative documentation methods we use are acceptable to claims administrators. We are experts at handling data securely for enterprise clients. All client data is encrypted, using 2-factor authentication.

In the event your claim is audited, we handle it. Spectrum will even hire specialists, at our expense, to advocate on your behalf and get your full recovery.

Make sure it happens

We continue advocating and fighting until you get fully paid, far after other firms have moved on. A high percentage of claims are approved at only a fraction of their true value, and it takes substantial work after filing these claims to get them fully paid. In fact, the most active and sustained piece of our work often starts the day after your claim is filed.

As an example, today we are still holding regular scheduled conference calls with the Claims Administrator in a settlement that was approved a full nine years ago, fighting for the rights of our clients who have not yet received the full amount they are due.

In another example, we went to court over client payment delays and won $55 million in interest payments that benefited all of our clients who were waiting to be paid. And in this same case we got the Claims Administrator to start paying within three months of claim filing, instead of 24 months.