Our Advocacy

Assisting clients in recovering their full settlement benefits often requires working with the settling parties and claims administrator.  Claims for benefits may encounter challenges not anticipated or factored into the initial settlement terms. Delays and audits are to be expected.  Working on behalf of clients in this regard can be time-consuming, expensive, and can even benefit from the aid of expert legal counsel.

We are the only firm that goes to court, when necessary and at our expense, to assist clients with their recoveries. Here are some of the term modifications involving a number of settlements that Spectrum fought for and won to the benefit of our clients::

  • In an IT settlement, we won the right to recover money lost on expensive out-of-state software licenses in claims. This modified term resulted in tens of millions of additional benefits to Spectrum clients.
  • In another case, we successfully fought for modified terms that allowed companies that had no use for IT vouchers to receive cash instead of vouchers.
  • We have successfully challenged erroneous claim calculations and offers of final claim benefits. We identify any errors in the data and calculations used for distribution offers and ensure your full data set is used and your distribution calculation is accurate. Spectrum clients in a recent $3 billion settlement received payouts that were on average 2.3 times their original settlement distribution offer.
  • In another example, we went to court over client payment delays and won $55 million in interest payments that benefited all of our clients who were waiting to be paid.
  • In another settlement, Spectrum helped accelerate payment of benefits from 24 months to 3 months.
  • Spectrum has always requested and fought for clients’ right to review all data being used to calculate their claim benefits.
  • Spectrum went to court and won the right for non-profit organizations to collect consumer settlement benefits as direct donations from their supporters. This program, DonateDirect®, was and is the first of its kind, opening the door for charities to aggregate the awards of small individual payments across large numbers of donors. These claims – which otherwise largely go uncollected – now provide charities with a sizable infusion of cash. If you work for a non-profit organization, learn more about DonateDirect®