Other Spectrum Wins

  • Spectrum successfully ?Ǩ?reverse engineered?Ǩ the settlement model to allow us to challenge settlement claim amounts. Spectrum?ǨѢs calculations using this methodology were verified and approved 100% of the time and resulted in an average of 80% increase in claim amounts for over 100 clients.
  • Spectrum fought the defendants in a $1 billion settlement to allow class members to donate their settlement benefits to charity. Spectrum?ǨѢs victory, through its DonateDirect program, allowed over 75,000 people to donate over $5 million to more than 100 charities.
  • Spectrum filed to have over $55 million interest paid to class members whose claim payments were delayed up to three years. Lead Counsel objected to this motion.?Ǭ Ultimately, the court appointed Special Master and court agreed with Spectrum, directing Lead Counsel to pay affected class members.
  • Spectrum continues to fight, not only for our clients but for class members as a whole, requesting and securing expedited (5x increase.) payment disbursements by the Claims Administrator. Spectrum also filed and won extensions for all class members to extend claim-filing deadlines.