Fortune 100 Company Wins with Spectrum

Total recovery over $4.5 million.

Spectrum supports a Fortune 100 client in assembling documentation and ultimately recovering over $4.5 million in Microsoft settlement funds nationwide.

A major Fortune 100 industrial company hired Spectrum to assist with the filing of their claims in Microsoft Settlements in various states.?Ǭ Two of the clients?ǨѢ larger technology vendors, IBM and HP, were unable to provide data that met the settlement threshold for proof of purchase of software licenses. The proof of purchase information was the basis for awarding settlement dollars. The Spectrum strategy team, working directly with legal and sales departments at IBM and HP, were able to obtain letters and affidavits that supported a detailed explanation of their purchase history. Based on Spectrum?ǨѢs industrious efforts on our client?ǨѢs behalf, the court appointed Claims Administrator accepted our documentation, resulting in a total recovery of over $4.5 million.?Ǭ Additionally, Spectrum worked with the client to allocate and distribute the proceeds among more than 20 client subsidiaries and legal entities.