Neurontin Marketing Sales Practices And Products Liability Settlement

In re Neurontin Marketing Products Liability and Sales Practices Litigation), No. 04 10981 PBS, MDL Docket No. 1629

A proposed Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit against Pfizer Inc. and Warner-Lambert Company LLC (collectively “Defendants”) regarding the marketing of the prescription drug Neurontin (generic name gabapentin).  The lawsuit claims that Defendants’ marketing of the drug Neurontin violated federal law. Both sides have agreed to the Settlement to resolve the controversy and to avoid the cost and expense of further litigation.  The lawsuit is not about the safety of Neurontin.

Who is Eligible:

Third Party Payors: TPPs are all insurance companies, healthcare benefit providers, health maintenance organizations, union health and welfare plans, self-funded health and welfare plans, and any other health benefit provider and/or entity that contracts with a health insurance company or other entity to serve as a third party claims administrator to administer their prescription drug benefits.  These payors also include entities that may provide prescription drug benefits for current or former public employees and/or retirees and private entities that provide pharmacy benefits for a state Medicaid program or Medicare Part D, but only to the extent that the entity was at risk for the cost of the payment(s).

How Much Will it Pay?

The $325 million settlement will be paid pro rata, so the exact recovery will remain unknown until all claims are filed. The amount of your individual recovery will be based on both the quantity of qualifying products purchased and the total participation of class members in the settlement.

What is the Status:

Final Approval of the settlement has been granted. The deadline to file a claim has passed, though it may be possible to file a late claim and have it accepted. We cannot, at this point, guarantee a claim will be accepted by the Claims Administrator, but we will provide our best effort to get a claim approved and accepted.