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Spectrum Settlement Recovery merges with Cascade Settlement Services

Spectrum Settlement Recovery, the leading provider of class action claims filing services in the U.S., is pleased to announce it has merged with Cascade Settlement Services, the leading purchaser of commercial class action settlement claims in the U.S.

This merger of Spectrum and Cascade (both San Francisco Bay Area based) further strengthens our position in the class action claims services market. The combination of Spectrum’s industry-leading filing expertise and Cascade’s claims purchasing capabilities will provide our corporate and institutional clients the premier class action services platform in the industry.

About Cascade:

Founded in 2008, Cascade has quickly become the #1 purchaser of class action settlement claims in the United States. Cascade offers clients these services for both securities and commercial class action settlements.

For more information, we encourage you to visit www.cascadesettlement.com.


Spectrum was founded in 2003 to serve corporations who were missing an opportunity to recover the full amount they were owed from large commercial class-action settlements. These companies were denied millions they were owed because they did not have experience developing full and defensible data sets, or negotiating with claims administrators.

We’ve recovered the full amount due for over 5,000 companies

Since then Spectrum has recovered the full amount due for over 5,000 companies. On average our clients recovered 2.3 times their original settlement distribution offer in the $3 billion Visa Check / MasterMoney® settlement. We now serve 25% of the Fortune 100 and Fortune 1000. Total claims recovered and in process for our clients is about $1 billion, and we’ve recovered over $11 million for a single client.

We’re not a mere filing agency

Spectrum principals bring over 75 combined years of legal and financial services experience to our clients. Not only do we aggressively drive every step of the recovery process, but we are also the only firm that will go to court when necessary to make sure you get the full amount you deserve. Learn how our advocacy work has served our clients. Since a high percentage of claims are approved at only a fraction of their true value, our most strategic and significant work often begins the day after we file a claim. We continue advocating and fighting until you get fully paid, which is well after other firms have moved on.

We also provide the option to take immediate payment

With significant financial resources, we can offer you the option to receive immediate cash for your claim, independent of any claim outcome. Some clients prefer this option to simply avoid risk and delays, others prefer it to meet quarterly financial targets. We’ve purchased over $40 million in claims, benefitting these clients.